Monday, 21 February 2022

Fur or Feathers

This is by no means an original idea, just something that E. enjoyed doing: classifying animals. I only gave her flashcards of mammals and birds for now, because it's easier to spot the differences. I will later add fish, then reptiles.

Depending on your child's vocabulary, you can practice names of animals, the words "fur" and "feathers", or "mammal" and "bird". It's good to explain in the beginning the main differences between the two groups: mammals have babies that they feed with milk and their bodies are covered in fur, birds have babies that come out of eggs and their bodies are covered in feathers. 

We used the montessori cards from @edituragama and the book is 100 de activități montessori pentru descoperirea lumii înconjurătoare by Éve Herrmann (the original title is 100 activités Montessori pour découvrir le monde).


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