Monday, 18 January 2021

DIY Counting Board

I found these spools of thread and the wool pompoms at a thrift store the other day and I had this idea. E. is more and more interested in counting + she loved balancing wooden balls on golf tees, so I thought of this.

I first painted the spools to match the colours of the pompoms, then glued them onto the wooden board. I made the numbers and printed them, so we can talk about what they look like (1 is like a candle, 2 like a swan, 3 is like a bird).

She has used this countless times already, to balance wooden blocks, she built towers on each spool, she put pompoms on the spools, then tried to blow them off, etc.

I first made this using thick construction paper instead of the wooden boards, but she kept on pulling the spools off (check the picture of the old one by swiping). 

This board is useful for: learning number names, counting, comparing numbers, understanding 1-1 correspondence (pairing each object with one number name)

Does your child like counting?

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