Thursday, 21 May 2020

Music and Sound

Ever since E. was in my tummy, I used to sing to her. I really enjoy singing and it seems that I've passed this on to her (I'm not a good singer, but kids don't really mind).

She learnt some of her first words from silly songs I invented for her (about washing and swinging). And not a day passes by without us singing or exploring sounds, and talking about them.

We started our day with some songs. E. turned on the music from her book, took some musical instruments and invited me to join her. We danced with scarves while playing instruments and singing.

Then, we went outside and listened to birds and the wind. There's something so relaxing about it...just being quiet and listening to nature.

Here are some other ways in which we incorporate music in our daily rhythm:
🎶 We read sing-a-long books
🎶 We have songs for routines and transitions (washing hands, brushing teeth, getting dressed)
🎶 Sometimes I ask her to do something on a well-known tune (something like "please, bring me the blue boots, the blue boots, the blue boots, please bring me the blue boots, so we can go outside" - on the tune of "This is the Way We Wash Our Hands")
🎶 I join in on the fun whenever she invites me to dance or sing
🎶 I rotate musical instruments, just as I do with toys
🎶 I will create a song bag with flashcards - I used to have one for the kids at work, and I think that E. would enjoy it too. I'll write a post once it's ready
🎶 I involve her in making her own musical instruments (from containers and beans, chickpeas, lentils, salt, corn, etc.)
🎶 She has drumming sessions with wooden spoons on pots
🎶 We explore sounds in nature and on our walks (cars, excavators, birds, waves, twigs breaking, banging rocks together)

Do you have any other good ideas? I'd love to read them! 🙂

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