Ilinca Sadoveanu

Work Experience

Kindergarten Teacher and Playschool Manager (Jan 2018 – Present)

Bright Beginners Learning Centre

Head Teacher (Early years education policy and practice), with English as the language of instruction (Jan 2017 – Jan 2018)
Ankkalampi Duckies Kindergarten, Helsinki, Finland

Kindergarten Teacher, with English as the language of instruction (Oct 2014 – Present)
Ankkalampi Duckies Kindergarten, Helsinki, Finland

Common achievements and contributions as kindergarten teacher:
· Planned and led activities that promote physical, mental, and social development such as role-playing games, arts and crafts, music, movement games, and storytelling;
· Created a variety of materials and resources for children to use, investigate, manipulate in learning activities and in pretend play;
· Adapted my teaching methods to meet students' diverse needs and interests;
· Supervised field trips and visits by guests, to insure the pupils’ safety;
· Constantly observed and evaluated children's behaviour, social and physical development in order to improve the learning environment, the nature of our activities and to overcome difficulties;
· Identified children showing signs of emotional or developmental problems, and discussed these problems with my supervisors, the parents or guardians, and other child development specialists;
· Met with parents/guardians to discuss their children's progress;
· Implemented various educational projects and cooperated with project partners (City Hall, museums, schools, language centres, and other institutions).
· Maintained methodic and orderly student records, containing evaluation sheets, parent-teacher discussion logs, reports on children and activities;
· Prepared and decorated the kindergarten to facilitate learning, creative play, movement, and safety.

While working at Ankkalampi:
· Work alongside an assistant teacher and delegate some of the responsibilities to her;
· Attend educational conferences, meetings, and teacher training webinars to maintain and improve my professional competence;

Kindergarten Teacher, with English as the language of instruction (Oct 2013 – Oct 2014)
Kielo International Kindergarten, Helsinki, Finland

See “common achievements and contributions as kindergarten teacher” above and:
· Kept the Facebook page of the institution up-to-date;
· Worked in a very small team with other two teachers.

Kindergarten Teacher, with English as the language of instruction (Sep 2010 – Jul 2013)
Elf School, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

See “common achievements and contributions as kindergarten teacher” above and:
· Revised and monitored the quality of parents' newsletters written by my coworkers;
· Regularly updated the Facebook page of the group and wrote on the blog of the kindergarten;
· Prepared and implemented remedial programs for some students who required extra help;
· Involved parents (Partners in Learning) and older siblings in children's activities, to facilitate the children’s adaptation and involvement;
· I received an “Outstanding Performance” evaluation from teachers and management for achieving very good results.

Comenius English Assistant Teacher (Sep 2009 – Dec 2009)
Tammerkoski School and Tammela School, Tampere, Finland

· Taught English, Environmental Studies, and Mathematics (in English) to grades 1-6;
· Raised pupils’ awareness about Romanian culture and language;
· Prepared course materials such as lesson plans, homework assignments, PPT presentations, and handouts;
· Assisted students who needed additional help with their studies outside of class (in Mathematics and English);
· Participated in cultural and educational activities, such as taking children on a nature walk through the forest, attending Christmas church, planning and assisting the Halloween party activities;
· Taught classes using online technology and interactive presentations;
· Assisted the language teacher during class.

Authorised translator and interpreter for English and Finnish (Sep 2011 - Jan 2018)
Authorised by the Romanian Ministry of Justice (Authorisation no. 32369)

· Translated written materials, such as legal documents, scientific or news reports into specified languages;
· Followed ethical codes that protect the confidentiality of information.

Relevant Projects

Teaching Blog: Grumpy Dumpling (Oct 2014 – Present)
· Since last year I have been working on a blog about teaching kindergarten and ESL/ESOL: "Grumpy Dumpling": The articles are meant to help kindergarten and English teachers, as well as parents with hands-on activity ideas and original teaching resources.

Store with Teaching Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers: Grumpy Dumpling (Oct 2014 – Present)
· I have my own store on Teachers Pay Teachers, where I post teaching resources that I have created: main categories are: ESL/ESOL, Maths, Music, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, and Classroom Decorations.
· I create a variety of materials and resources for children to use, investigate, manipulate in learning activities and in imaginative play;


Bachelor of Education – Preschool and Primary School Teacher Education (Nov 2011 – Jul 2014)
University of Oradea, Faculty of Social Humanistic Sciences, Romania (one semester at the University of Helsinki with an Erasmus scholarship)

Subjects: Fundamentals of Psychology, Fundamentals of Pedagogy, Special Education, Curriculum Theory and Methodology, Child Psychology, Information and Communication Technology, Theory and Methodology of Instruction, Preschool and Primary school pedagogy, Multicultural Education, Arts and Crafts etc.

Master of Arts – British Cultural Studies (Oct 2010 - Jun 2012)
Babeș Bolyai University, The Faculty of Letters, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Subjects: The Power of the Press, The Literature of Identities, Discourse Analysis, Post-Colonialism, English and Englishness, Sociolinguistics, The Study of official British Documents, Law and Education in Great Britain.

Bachelor of Arts – English and Finnish Philology (Sep 2006 - Jun 2009)
Babeș Bolyai University, The Faculty of Letters, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

English as major and Finnish as a minor subject (morphology, linguistics, semantics, translation studies, literature, history and culture, etc.).

Subject Teacher Education Programme (Sep 2006 - Jun 2009)
Babeș Bolyai University, Department of Teacher Training, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  This was a 2-year module that certified me to teach English and Finnish to pupils aged 7-14.

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) (Dec 2005)
Listening, Reading, English in Use, Writing, Speaking.

Voluntary Work

Voluntary Work for "Zmeișorii” - Play Group for Romanian Children in Helsinki (2014 - 2017) Planning suitable hands-on activities for children aged 2-10, creating worksheets and printables that complement the activities, working with foreign language teachers, kindergarten teachers, as well as parents.

Voluntary Work for a Non-Profit Organisation Called F.R.C.C.F. (Jul 2009)
Helped pupils from disadvantaged families with school-related activities (homework and learning English).


Romanian – mother tongue

English – C1

Finnish – B2

Recent Webinars and Training Courses Attended

  • Dr. Jean Feldman, a.k.a. DR. OF FUNNESS, Dr. Jean and Friends, Finger Plays: Fun, Free, Focus, and Skills!
    Carol Garboden Murray, MSEd, Author of Simple Signing with Young Children,
    Sign Language, Songs and Felt Stories: Literacy Learning in Early Childhood
  • Rachel A. Larimore, Owner, Samara Early Learning, LLC, Preschool Beyond Walls: Integrating Nature into the Preschool Classroom
  • Dr. Sandra Duncan, Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University – Rethinking Classroom Containers 
  • Sara Delano Moore, PhD, Director of Mathematics and Science at ETA hand2mind – Number Sense Essentials Part 1 Using Counters, Rekenreks and Ten Frames to Develop Number Sense Through Counting 
  • Dr. Jean Feldman, teacher, consultant and celebrated author – Dr. Jean Brain Breaks to Help Students Move and Learn
  • Dr. Jean Feldman, teacher, consultant and celebrated author – Early Childhood Learning: Dr. Jean’s Back to School Strategies for Success!
  • (Early Years Education Conference in Helsinki) Mari Parikka – Nihti - Ympäristökasvatusta iloiten ja ihmetellen
  • (Early Years Education Conference in Helsinki) Taina Olkinuora: Suun motoriikan ja artikulaation leikinomainen harjoittelu – Manu-koiran seikkailut, Avainsäätiö
  • Ellen Booth Church, Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University – Transition Activities that Build Young Brains, Manage Behavior
  • Vera Meyerholtz, Instructional Designer for Nemours BrightStart – Growing Happy Readers: Ensuring Long-Term Success with Effective Instructional Practices
  • Mary Jo Huff, multi-award winning author, master storyteller and puppeteer for the early childhood classroom – Make Literacy Learning Fun with Storytelling and Puppetry!
  • Steve Spangler, Early Childhood Science Specialist, Author and Keynote Speaker – Amazing Science Experiences on a Shoestring Budget
  • Kim Adsit, 2002 Teacher of the Year and author – Literacy a la carte & Fun for Early Learners
  • Dr. Ann Barbour, Professor Emerita, Early Childhood Education – Encouraging Dramatic Play and Creative Expression in Early Childhood
  • Catlin Tucker, Google Certified Teacher, best-selling author and speaker – Flip Instruction and Create a Student-Centered Classroom
  • Amy Read, M.S. Program Manager for Early Literacy – Setting the Stage for Reading with Babies and Toddlers Outreach
  • Johanna Darragh Ernst, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Early Childhood Education – Engaging Families through Culturally Competent, Authentic Communication
  • Dr. Steve Sanders, Assistant Chair, College of Education’s Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of South Florida - Supporting Motor Development for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
  • Brian Mowry, M.A., Early Childhood Mathematics Consultant and Specialist – Teaching Numeracy to Young Children: A Responsive and Differentiated Approach

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