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 A Helpful Class Management Trick - The Noise Meter

There are certain times when kids should use a calm voice, in order to be able to let others concentrate on activities. Sometimes we divide the group into two smaller groups and while half of them are playing freely, the others might have a teacher-led activity. And if you are a kindergarten or primary school teacher, you probably know that telling the kids not to talk too loud every five minutes doesn’t really work.

That’s why I have created this noise meter. We use bunny voices while eating, bear voices outdoors (and sometimes at the gym), bird voices during playtime, and fish voices when we take a nap. Before an activity starts, the teacher’s helper can place the clothes peg on the corresponding picture.

You just need to print and laminate the resource, then use a clothespin or a laminated arrow to indicate the noise level the kids should use.

What to Wear Outdoors - Checklists for Kids and Teachers

I've created these checklists for our 4-5 y.o.. We always check together before we go outside if they have all suitable clothes. It's important to teach them how to be responsible and check for themselves. Please feel free to suggest other items of clothing that you need added to the checklists.

Click on the image for the link to the resource.


Months Flashcards With Cute Owls - Updated!

I use these flashcards for our morning circles, to teach my EFL learners the names of the months. You can laminate the flashcards and use a dry-erase marker to indicate the current month, or play different games with them. Each month has a picture of an owl, representative of the season. 

Those of you who have already purchased the product can download this huge update for free. I have added 8 extra frames and a different font. Enjoy!

Click on the image to take you to the resource.


No Prep Worksheets for Fine Motor Skills {K, 1st}

This resource is designed especially for EFL learners, but it might prove useful for native English speakers as well. A set of 12 worksheets that help kids practice fine motor skills: count and write, find and circle, cut and paste, and circle and color tasks.


Feelings and Emotions – Fun Games and Activities {K, ESL, EFL}

This resource is designed especially for EFL learners, but it might prove useful for native English speakers as well.

It contains the following games and materials:
• Flashcards (with two types of frames)
• A vocabulary board game;
• Number puzzles;
• 2 “Roll and Colour” games (roll the dice and colour over the number that you got. You can reuse the game if you laminate it and use a dry-erase marker.);
• 4 colouring pages;
• 2 piece puzzles for emergent readers;
• Flip books for emergent readers (C and B&W);
• “I am/Who is” game – the same rules as “I Have/Who Has” game;
• “Spin and Write” board games for number recognition.

If you have any requests or questions about this resource, feel free to email me at ilinca.sadoveanu@gmail.com.


 Sorting and Coloring Worksheets with Seasonal Clothes

These NO PREP worksheets are so easy to use! They are perfect for your substitute teacher emergency folder. 

I have used them with my kindergartners who are learning English as a foreign language - they reviewed colours, clothing, and seasons. 
Hurry up and download the resource - it's only going to be free for a couple of days.

Initial Letter Recognition Clip It Game {Uppercase Letters, C and B&W}

Print on A4 paper, cut and laminate the cards that you want. Use clothes pegs to indicate the initial letter of the image on the card.

If you prefer, you can print the B&W versions and then the children can use regular pencils or markers to circle the initial letters, then color the images.

These are the words from the game: aeroplane, anchor, ape, astronaut, backpack, bird, boots, butterfly, cactus, curtains, cone, cup, deer, dice, dinner, door, ear, envelope, exercise, erase, fan, finger, fork, fox, garden, gate, goat, guitar, hamburger, harp, horse, honey, intersection, invitation, iron, island, jacket, jewel, jump, jug, kettle, key, kick, keyboard, lamp, laundry, lizard, lemon, magazine, mask, money, mushroom, nap, nest, net, newspaper, oar, octopus, olives, otter, panda, pizza, pot, purse, quarter, queen, quilt, quiet, rat, ring, robot, rug, sandwich, sock, saw, sun, table, tent, tie, tooth, umbrella, uncle, underwear, unicorn, van, vest, violin, vase, wagon, watch, watermelon, web, x-ray, xylophone, yams, yawn, yarn, yoyo, zoo, zigzag, zipper, zebra.
Please download the preview for more information.


Emotions - Games and Activities for ESL/EFL Learners and Emergent Readers

You can use this resource:
  • as a musical game – please read the instructions in the preview;
  • as a matching game: match the labels with the images;
  • as a tracing game: trace the words with a dry-erase marker, then match them with the images;
  • as a song for ESL/EFL learners;
  • as flash cards for different activities;
  • to practice reading – for emergent readers (uppercase or lowercase letters included).
Vocabulary: angry, bored, frightened, happy, hurt, sad, interested, surprised, guilty, confident, thoughtful, disappointed.


Compound Words - Games, Flash Cards, Tracing Books, and Flip Books

This resource is great for emergent readers and those who need to practice cutting, tracing, and coloring. It contains flashcards and some game ideas, tracing worksheets, tracing books/cards, four flip books.
Just click on the image below and check the preview for more information.


Tracing Worksheets {C and B&W}

If you like these tracing and coloring worksheets, make sure to go to my store and download them.They're just 1$.

Class Schedule Cards

The schedule cards included are: art class, breakfast, calendar time, computer lab, library, guided reading, physical education, music, math, lunch, science, recess, snack time, reading, teacher read aloud, writing, social studies.
There are 2 different sizes and 2 colors for the frames, so you can choose the one you like the best. 
Click on the image below for the link to the product and its preview.

Questions for Morning Circle {K, 1st} 

This resource contains more than 100 pages of questions for morning circle. There are different types of questions: yes/no questions, multiple choice questions, open ended questions, and hypothetical questions. Most multiple choice questions have flashcards for the possible answers. Also, the questions are short, easy to read, with some images that hint to the text. That's why they are also great for first graders and emergent readers.

- Me and my family
- Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, - Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year)
- Activities and hobbies
- Food
- Weather and seasons
- Animals
- Dinosaurs
- Feelings and emotions
- In space 
Click on any of the images below and they will take you to my product on TPT. There you'll be able to see more images and download the preview. :)





Class Rules for Kindergartners 

Each rule comes with a comprehensive image (B&W versions too). Thanks to Kari Bolt for the great clip art set! :)

The rules included are:
- we walk nicely
- we clean up after ourselves
- we share
- we help our friends feel better
- we play nicely with our friends
- we raise our hands before speaking
- we keep our hands and feet to ourselves
- we listen to the teacher

Winter Signs and Arctic Animals Pack {Pre-K, K, 1st, ESL, EFL}

I have just finished updating one of my old products and I'm very happy about the way it turned out. 
This pack contains:
  • Initial sound clip it cards
  • Arctic animals - flash cards
  • Initial letter recognition game
  • I have / who has games
  • word wall - arctic animals, winter clothes, and winter signs
  • memory games
  • winter themes flip books
  • sentence scramble worksheets
  • tracing books
  • winter vocabulary worksheets
  • rhyme games
  • I spy games
  • number and letter puzzles
Most of the resources in this pack has C and B&W versions, both in lowercase and uppercase letters.


Winter Weather and Clothes Flash Cards {FREEBIE}

I use the flashcards to talk about winter signs with my kindergartners, by also contrasting winter to other seasons. We discuss each flash card, then place it in one of the two piles (“WINTER” or “OTHER SEASONS”) and give arguments for our options. The children will be able to sort the flashcards by themselves or in small groups, too. They just need some instructions at first.
I hope you'll find this useful! :)

Ice Cream Number Games and Worksheets {1-8}

While I'm freezing under my blanket, with a hot cup of tea next to me, some are enjoying their summer holiday! So I thought of making something for my friends on the other side of the world...or just for those who love ice cream and number games. :)
This is my first resource that has the common core standards included. We don't use them here in Finland, but maybe those who do will find this aspect useful. 
So...here it is! A cute and colorful ice cream game and some B&W coloring, drawing, and matching worksheets!

Winter Number Puzzles {1-9}

I've created some very easy 2-piece puzzles that help kids practise number recognition. You can read more about them here.

Number Recognition Puzzles with Apples

I have updated the Number Recognition Puzzles with Apples. Those of you who have already bought the resource can download the updated file for free. Just click on one of the images below! :)



Phoneme Segmentation Cards

These phoneme segmentation cards can be used in a variety of games and activities, using different types of letters – erasers, wooden letters, foam letters, stamps, written letters, etc.

This resource contains both C and B&W versions, with and without letters, so you can use whichever suit your kid’s level best.

Words included: big, log, fox, box, fin, eel, sit, hit, dig, ten, jog, kid, red, leg, lip, man, six, yam, bus, bug, fun, fog, sad, sun, run, bun, hen, cow, pig, bin, cap, cat, owl, hat, tie, bye. 



Dinosaur Pack {Pre-K, K, 1st, ESL/EFL}

I've just finished a Dinosaur Pack (for Pre-K, K, 1st, EFL/ESL) with lots of great activities:
- flashcards
- vocabulary board game
- emergent readers (C and B&W)
- tracing and coloring books
- spelling game
- rhyme time - 4 X 2-piece puzzles
- 2 flip books
- puzzles for letter and number recognition
- initial letter recognition game
- 2 tracing worksheets (C and B&W)
- printable dice and math game
- coloring page
- DIY spinner to practice counting

Target vocabulary: bone, dinosaur, skeleton, nets, museum, triceratops, paleontologist, T-rex, fossil, egg, volcano, fern.
Sight words: I, see, a/an.


Number Find Worksheets {1-10}

My "Letter Find Worksheets - Letter Recognition Practice" have received good feedback, so I thought of creating a similar resource for numbers and here it is!

The "Number Find Worksheets {1-10}" resource contains 10 number find worksheets, one for each number. Children can use markers, stamps, play dough, dot stickers to circle or cover the numbers on the worksheet. You can reuse the worksheets if you laminate them and then use a dry-erase marker or play dough.

I hope you'll like them!



Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down – Song and Coloring Pages {Flash Freebie}

Hurry up an download this cute autumn song (just click on the image below) - it's a flash freebie! 
This activity is perfect for very young learners who still need to work on color recognition and fine motor skills (coloring and tracing).

The lyrics of the song are very easy to learn, so it is a suitable activity for speakers of other languages who are learning English.


Story Characters - Flashcards and Teaching Ideas {Freebie}

This resource contains flashcards and game ideas suitable for preK, K, and ESL learners/ESOL.
Vocabulary: the first/second/third little pig, wolf, king, queen, princess, witch, woodcutter, grandmother, the Little Red Riding Hood, boy, girl, bear. 

You can download it for free by clicking on the image below.


FLASH FREEBIE: Autumn Themed Write and Wipe {Numbers 1-5}
Here are two write and wipe pages for the kids who still need some work on number recognition and fine motor skills. There is a B&W and a colored version. If you plan to laminate one and use a dry-erase marker, I suggest using the colored version - it's much nicer. The B&W version can be used as a color and trace worksheet.
Have fun!


My First Number Journal
 This resource has 2 worksheets for each number. Your kids will be able to practise numbers with ten frames, tracing, coloring and number find tasks. 
You can purchase this resource by clicking on the image below.


Tracing Letters - B&W and Color Worksheets {Uppercase Letters}
 This resource contains 52 worksheets (a color and a B&W version for each letter). It contains also one line of letters with correct formation (numbered steps for tracing).
You can purchase it from my TPT store, Grumpy Dumpling, or by clicking on the image below.
I hope your kids will benefit from these and will improve their fine motor skills in a fun way!


Tracing Letters - B&W and Color Worksheets {Lowercase Letters}

This resource contains 52 worksheets (a color and a B&W version for each letter). Each worksheet also has a line of letters with correct formation (numbered steps for tracing).

The pack can be purchased from my TPT store, Grumpy Dumpling. I hope your kids will benefit from these and will improve their fine motor skills in a fun way!



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