Monday, 6 June 2022

Montessori Floor Bed

I can't seem to find anything negative to say about floor beds/mattresses. We've always used a floor mattress until now, but since we moved, we thought about getting an actual bed for E., so that she enjoys her new room a bit more.

You can read about why we chose to use a floor bed with her in a blog post on I will soon add a link in stories.

But I wanted to mention what we paid attention to when we chose this bed frame (it's not the best, but it meets most of our requirements):
- first of all, I wanted it to be low enough so that it's safe even if she rolls out of it in her sleep. This made the search much easier, because we eliminated all high beds, with storage space. There were very few with a bedside railing
- we wanted natural colours, so we went for this. It's easier to match with other things, and it's not bad to look at
- we wanted the roof to be low, so that it feels cosy
- 90x200 felt like a good mattress size, because that way I can sleep with her when she is sick or is going through some transitions that keep her awake at night

We chose it together, but I actually did some research, then showed her only the options that I liked. We decorated it with some buntings, a pillow that she chose, and a white curtain. She helped me see the buttons on the curtain, so that we can remove it when it needs a wash.

At night, I put the play mattress next to the bed, just in case.

What sort of bed do you have for your little one? What made you choose that one over the others?

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