Thursday, 23 December 2021

Initial Sound Recognition Freebie (in Romanian)

This is a printable that I made to go with our resin letters from @joc_senin (on Instagram).

E. loves them and uses them for sensory play (with #kineticsand, #homemadeplaydough, water play), for pretend play (they are buttons, she makes musical instruments from them, etc.).

So, I made these simple cards to match the initial letters on the cards to the #resinletters. Because the printer is still not working 🙄, she tested the printable straight from my laptop. It was her idea and I was so excited to see her find the letters.

I chose CVC words for emergent readers and I kept the matching colours (blue for consonants and pink for vowels) to make it easier. Also, the font is pretty similar to the resin letters.

You can download the product here:!Ah_2EeUHXUDegYwwW5xs2L2sVIkdXA or by clicking on the pictures below.

If you decide to use it, I'd be happy to hear your feedback.


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