Friday, 25 June 2021

A Simple Experiment with Flowers and Food Colouring

We had these beautiful tiny white flowers (I think they're called baby's-breath) and I asked E. if she wants to put them in coloured water. She was excited when I told her that something will happen to the colour of the flowers.

I set up everything (glasses, food colouring, pitcher, scissors, and flowers) and she just followed my simple instructions. She did everything independently, even the clean up after.

The blue food colouring already worked, but the other colours are not yet very visible.

We also talked about how plant get water through the stem and why they change their colours.

Did you try this before? It's an easy experiment with visible results :)

Glasses, a pitcher with water, food colouring, scissors, white flowers

Step 1: cut the flowers

Step 2 and 3: pour water and add food coouring

Put the flowers in the glasses and wait


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