Wednesday, 18 November 2020

How we Incorporate Music into Our Daily Routine

E. loves everything about music! I can truly say that songs and music in general have helped build at least 70% of her vocabulary. Ever since she was a baby, she paid more attention to me when I was singing to her than when I was talking. I used to sing about what we were doing together (I still do sometimes) and whenever we went on walks, we sang about what we saw. She quickly understood the meaning of the words that she heard in songs, because they were used in context. Nowadays, she creates her own silly songs and sings all the time.

I thought about sharing a few ways we’ve incorporated songs in our daily routine:

We made a Song Bag for when we’re on the go – I took screen shots of pictures from songs that we know (most of them are from Super Simple Learning), then made laminated flashcards and placed them all in a bag. I wrote about it in a previous post, but if you have any questions just ask.

We have musical instruments – she can play our piano anytime, but we’ve also started a collection of smaller real instruments for her. She used to have wooden toy instruments, but I thought that real instruments could be so much better – and they are! She has wooden shakers, a recorder, a ukulele, and a harmonica. 

She has music class at daycare – and she really enjoys it. I’m lucky that I teach at her kindergarten, because I can ask her teacher what songs she’s been singing at home.

She has lots of books about music – her favourite are The Story Orchestra (Swan Lake) and a book with 50 Finnish songs that has buttons that play every song. Check the photo for more of her favourite books about music. 

I sometimes set up trays related to certain songs – the one in the picture is just with some farm animals and DIY matching cards. When she plays with them, she usually sings Old MacDonald.

We use stick puppets (laminated pictures of characters in songs, stuck on some popsicle sticks), hand puppets, finger puppets, and any toys to act out the lyrics of songs.

And her favourite thing when she was little was to listen to me sing while changing her. I had printed pictures for some of her favourite songs and put them omn the wall, so that I could point to them while singing. Before I introduced those, I focused more on songs about body parts, clothes, daily routines, so I could sing them and give her an idea of what the words mean.

My all time favourite kids songs are those from Super Simple Songs. The lyrics are easy to remember and to translate, so we sing them in all three languages (or two, if I get very lazy about Finnish).

There are so many fun ways to incorporate music in everyday life! Does your child like music or singing?