Wednesday, 10 June 2020

How to Make a Song Bag for Kids (Perfect for Trips)

This has been a useful resource also with the kids in my kindergarten group, whenever they needed a break, or were fussing around not wanting to wait for lunch to be done. Now I made one for my daughter, because she loves singing.

Here are the easy steps:
1. Start by making a list of all the songs your child/ren enjoy. Try to add lots of songs with gestures and movement, because kids need to move. :)

If you are looking for songs in English, I highly recommend supersimplesongs from supersimplelearning. They are absolutely wonderful! We don't sing as much in English as in Romanian and Finnish, but these songs have easy lyrics that can be translated.

For Romanian songs, you can try tralala, and cutiutamuzicala.

For Finnish sings, frolbelinpalikat are great.

You don't need to watch the videos, but they're useful for us, parents, to learn the songs before singing them to our kids.

I try to avoid songs with difficult words (rarely used, regionalisms, archaisms) and go for those with lyrics that I see fit for my daughter. Also, the songs with movements are the most fun.

2. I make the cards using Office PPT, but other programs will do just fine too.

3. Make a table with as many columns and rows as you need. I chose a 4x2 table on an A4 page (portrait orientation), and I think the flashcards are just the right size.

4. Add frames, if you want.

5. Take screenshots of the videos of the songs on your list, or choose a picture that is representative of the subject of the song (a spider for The Itsy Bitsy Spider, a star for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). Add a picture in each rectangle of the table.

6. Write the name of the song under each picture. (this is useful also for you, because once there are lots of songs about ducks, it's difficult to know which one is which)

7. Print the flashcards, then laminate them (this is optional. You can use contact paper or plastic pouches instead.) Try to cut the corners rounded, to avoid scratches.

8. Place all the flashcards in a textile bag. That's it.

The kids can take turns in choosing songs with their eyes shut. It’s a great activity for when you have some time on your hands, or just want to review vocabulary.

You can use the song box for other activities. Our favourite one is "Guess the Song!" - a kid chooses a flashcards and hums the song, and the other kids try to guess the song.

Another game that you can play is "Continue Singing" - a child chooses a flashcard, starts singing the song, then the next kid has to continue from where the previous one stopped.

Let me know if you have other ideas for the Song Bag. I'd be happy to read your comments! :)

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