Thursday, 23 April 2020

Our Daily Rhythm at 17 Months

Our daily routine has changed quite a lot since we can't go to public playgrounds anymore. I wish we had a yard, because that would be perfect for water play now that the weather is nicer. But we have to adjust to the situation and the space we have. We go out to the woods, the meadows, or the beach daily, but we try to avoid crowded places.

I've written down some time frames, but it all depends on her wake-up times and on how long we stay outside. It's important for her to keep a daily rhythm, but not necessarily stick to exact hours.

This what our daily rhythm looks like:


E. wakes up. I see her on the video camera and go to her room once it's clear that she won't fall back asleep. Even though she has a floor bed, she prefers waiting for me before she gets up (not sure why, but it's nice to cuddle before starting the day).


After that (around 8 o'clock) we go to the bathroom. She uses the potty, then I change her diaper, and she washes her hands, face, and brushes her teeth. Her favourite part is asking for "caciu" (Calcium).


She then plays in her room or comes to the kitchen with me while I prepare breakfast. If it seems like she is hungry, I give her some fruit or cereal to eat in her learning tower.

We have breakfast at her weaning table


Then, she plays in her room (reading, shelf work, role-play, dancing) and we have video calls with her grandparents. She is usually pretty excited about that.

10:00 - 11:20 OUTSIDE TIME

Afterwards, we go outside. We don't go to the same place every morning, but we do similar things: take nature walks, swing, climb trees, play in the sand.


At home I change her diaper, she goes to the potty, and we have snack.


She takes a nap anywhere between 11.30 and 14.30, depending on how early she woke up in the morning.


After her nap, it's potty time, then we have lunch together with her dad.


In the afternoon, she might do some art activities and plays, we water the plants, then go outside. We go to the lake, a park, a forest, or biking (she doesn't have a kickbike yet, because she is too short for any of them, so for now we use the bike trailer). She usually has a small snack outdoors: we pack porridge, oat cereal, crackers, or fruit salad, whatever is easiest.


When we get back home, we give her a bath (if there's time), and eat dinner.


19:30 is her usual bedtime. Before that, she goes to the potty, has a diaper change, brushes her teeth, and we put on her PJ's.

Once in bed, we play a bit with the light projector: we name the things we see projected on the ceiling, or play with shadows. She loves looking at the shadow of the pacifier. We then say goodnight to the 🌒, 🌟, her grandparents, mum, dad, E. and she gets a goodnight kiss. I sing two songs, not necessarily lullabies, but in a whispered voice.
I stay in her room until she falls asleep. We decided that sleep training wasn't a good option for us: it worked well, but every time we travelled, we had to start all over again. This is fine for us, as I can read under the blanket while she falls asleep.

That's our day. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

How are you coping with the situation? Did your daily routine change a lot? I bet life is tough for some of you who struggle with working remotely while also taking care of your little ones. Hope all will get better soon!

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