Sunday, 9 February 2020

Practical Life Skills - Doing Groceries and Putting them Away

E.’s new favourite activity is joining me while I do groceries. As soon as we are close to the store, she says “sus”, which means “up”, because she wants to get out of the pram. It does take a little longer to do groceries with her, but it makes her extremely happy. We always stop by the pet supply aisle, to look at the pictures of animals. I help her get the products that we need from the shelf, then she puts them in the basket. After we're done shopping, we then go and have breakfast and eat the berries that we bought. That’s my favourite part.

At home, she helps me put the groceries away. We load them into the walker wagon, then she pushes it into the kitchen. She sometimes also puts things in the fridge, but only when it’s not already packed with stuff.

The next step will be introducing a shopping list with pictures, for her to have a visual aid of what we need to get. I love how much more independent she has become in the last few months!

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