Monday, 6 January 2020

What's on Her Shelf at 13 Months

At almost 14 months, E. moves a lot…she rarely has time to sit still and play with the toys she has on her shelf. She’d rather climb the Pikler triangle, slide, or ride her bike. But in the mornings, we spend a bit more time in her room. This is what she has on the shelf:

Old Mac Donald basket and poster – we have these Schleich farm animals and we’ve been using them for lots of activities. E. loves Old MacDonald, so I made this printable with photos of her toys. I printed it out and laminated it. I think that later, when she’ll be ready to match the toys with the pictures herself, I’ll cut them into flashcards.

DIY posting activity with wooden balls (Grimm’s) – I just covered a box of Pringles with construction paper and cut a hole in the lid. She loves repeating this over and over. The activity teaches them about object permanence and improves their hand-eye coordination.

A tinkering basket (not sure if I should call it that, but eh, it’s too late to think of a better name) – it’s a basket with containers with lids, plastic bottles, wooden bowls, and objects that fit in them. She loves unscrewing the lids, but still needs a bit of help with that. I usually leave them loose.

Sensory blocks for stacking

Musical instruments

Wooden puzzle with shapes – I’ve also added some stickers of animals under the shapes.

DIY coin box – just a box with a hole and some coins that fit in it. Easy to make and it’s one of her favourite toys.

Ring stacker – she has recently started showing more interest in the ring stacker and her skills and precision have improved a lot since two months ago.

Race car ramp – this is a toy that she plays with daily.

Vehicles – she loves showing me how the plane flies and makes a cute sound.

A book about the colour green and a sensory basket with green objects. We also had a frog and a crocodile, but we gave them a bath.

Body parts and feelings books – she’s started to be interested in naming body parts and emotions, pointing at them, singing about them. So these are some books that go with these themes.

I keep her art and crafts supplies in a large box and place some in a basket on her weaning table. Sometimes it’s a crayon and paper, other times playdoh and stamps, just some things that she can play with. I’ll try to post some photos of what she has been using. She still needs to be closely supervised with these, that’s why they’re not on her shelf all the time.

What are your kids' favourite toys?

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