Saturday, 11 January 2020

What You Can Do With a Few Rainbow Sound Blocks

We got some Rainbow Sound Blocks yesterday, and already E. has played with them more than she has played with some of her old toys. They’re a wonderful open-ended toy, and I’m sure they’ll be played with a lot in the future.

I’m thinking about making a light table, just so we can play with them on it. But for now, we played with them in the following ways:
  • we pretended that they are phones;
  • we turned the lights off, then made projections on the walls by placing the flashlight behind; 
  • we waved “hello!” with shadows; 
  • we played "follow the light";
  • then I showed her that if she places her hand closer, its shadow is bigger;
  • we used them as musical instruments – they have beads inside;
  • I built towers and she destroyed them – but then she helped make another one;
  • they’re also great for observing how colours combine – but that’s for later.
Do you have sound blocks? How do you use them?

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