Wednesday, 15 January 2020

How a One-Year-Old Can Help Around the House

Most toddlers love helping around the house. They’re still at the age when they find it fascinating and more interesting than playing with their toys.

But it’s important to keep in mind some things when involving them:
· doing chores has to be a cooperative and voluntary activity. Never try to bribe or punish a child for not wanting to do it;
· also, avoid putting pressure on your child by using praise: “Constant praise and encouragement usually have the opposite effect of what we intend. There is a fine line between encouragement and pressure for many children.” (Janet Lansbury);
· choose chores that you know your child can help with, to encourage their participation. You’ve probably observed your child playing and know what he/she can do. Choose tasks that are appropriate and bring everything to your kid’s level. Simplify tasks or ask them to help with a certain step in the process. If a certain task is too difficult, your child will get discouraged and his self-esteem will suffer.

At the moment, our 14-month-old helps us:
· unload the spoons from the dishwasher;
· wipe the table after eating or doing crafts;
· put her dirty clothes in her tiny laundry basket;
· take the clothes from the basket and put them in the washing machine;
· hang clothes, by handing them to me (sometimes even one at a time);
· do some light dusting, if she shows interest while I do it.

These drawers are very low, so she can reach and take her diaper and put dirty clothes in the basket.

We also encourage her independence by letting her:
· pour her drink (with help)
· brush her teeth (but we help a little while she helps us)
· brush her hair
· wash her face with a cotton pad, then wipe with her towel
· put cream on her face (with a bit of help, so she doesn’t take too much)
· choose what to play and which books to read
· choose (from two appropriate choices) what pants, top, gloves, hat to wear
· choose which diaper to wear.

I’m pretty sure that I forgot some things, but it’s getting late and I’m exhausted. I might get back to this post and add some more things.

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