Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Places to Go with Your Baby

Now that E. is almost a year old, she seems to be craving interaction and loves exploring new places. So, I’ve made a list of places we’ve enjoyed visiting, hopefully for some inspiration.

playgrounds: for swinging and sliding;
nature walks on the beach, nearby meadow, or through the forest;
trip to the farmer’s market;
going to the airport to watch the planes;
watch cars from the bridge;
taking trips to the railway station to watch the trains;
visiting a fabric store, to touch different materials, ribbons, curtains, drapes (for this she’s in the front-facing carrier);
observing a construction site;
trip to the zoo;
feeding the ducks and geese on the beach/pond;
watching the ferryboats in the harbor;
having a picnic in the park;
botanical garden;
animal farm;

swimming pool;
pet store;
supermarket trips – to talk about fruits, veggies, flowers, and other products;
museums (they might also have events organized for babies and very young children, such as painting sessions, sensory play group sessions, etc.);
music classes at the local library;
story time at the library (read by someone else or just me);
play groups and playdates;
indoor playgrounds (most malls where we live have wonderful playgrounds, with slides, toys, climbing frames, etc.)

I’m sure that I forgot some places we sometimes visit. What are your favourite things to do with your baby?

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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