Saturday, 27 July 2019

What We Have in Our Travel/Mystery Bag

It’s not easy to be stuck in a car or travel with a baby. They need to be active, move around, and explore…how do they have so much energy?! My little one loves waving at random people on the metro at 6 in the morning (which is bad, because then people also notice me looking like a zombie).

But still, it’s nice to take your baby to different places, or sometimes there’s no other choice. That’s why you need to make the best of it. A travel/mystery bag will keep your little one occupied while you go bouldering, wait for your coffee, or you’re stuck in the car/on the bus.

Just choose some items or toys that the baby might be interested in and put them in a textile bag.

When choosing them, take into consideration that they should:
- be small, so they fit in the bag and don’t take too much space in your pram
- be easily washable, because the baby might drop them or throw them (Indestructibles books and wooden toys are great)
- be changed regularly - rotate the items, just as you would with other toys
- be different: take a few books, some toys (a puzzle, rattle, anything that your baby enjoys playing with), collect items from nature (shells, rocks, twigs, pine cones, leaves – depending on your baby’s age). You can even add some kitchen utensils (wooden spoon, silicone spatula, cups, empty containers). Open ended toys are a great option, because you/your kids can improvise and not get bored.

This is E.'s mystery bag this week. We use it quite a lot, especially when we go bouldering.

The number of items depends on your trip and on your baby’s age. Try not to overstimulate your baby, but take the amount of toys that would keep her busy.

At kindergarten we used to take our song bag with us on road trips. Check out how I made it here. You can also use one with your baby, but it implies that you will need to sing and keep your baby entertained.

Do you have something like this when taking trips with your baby?

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