Friday, 19 July 2019

Our Daily Routine (4-8 months)

Now that E. is eight months old, she had dropped a nap, so our daily routine changed a little. We finally managed to move bed time around 19.30, which means that we wake up earlier in the morning (around 6.30).

I’m a morning person and this schedule suits both of us, but maybe a wake-up time between 7.00 and 8.00 would be ideal. Ah, what can you do? I can’t complain. She is an awesome little dumpling and I can’t wait to start a new day with her.

Although she doesn’t nap at the same time every day, the sequence of events is the same. The reason for this is that she might nap 30 minutes or 1.5 hours…it depends on how tired she is and her mood. But after three hours of awake time she usually shows signs of tiredness and I put her to bed.

So, this is how our day goes:

6.30 We wake up. I usually feed her (bf), then we read a book in bed. After that, we go to the bathroom, brush our teeth (she has no teeth, but I give her the wet toothbrush to play with, while she watches me brush my teeth), take our vitamins (vitamin D for her), change her diaper, put some lotion on her, then sing a song and talk about the poster she has on the bathroom wall.* (I’ll write about this a bit at the end of the post.)

She then plays in her room while I grab something quick to eat next to her. If I’m in the mood to cook something or prepare something that takes longer, I just take the laptop with me into the kitchen and check on her on our video camera. Her room is baby-proofed and safe.

After I finish eating, we get ready to go out. We usually go grocery shopping in the morning if we need something, but most of the times we just visit parks near our house, take nature walks, go to the beach. She loves swinging at the moment!

When it’s almost time for her nap (approximately 30 minutes before), we go inside and play or read a little, then I change her diaper and put her to bed. While she sleeps, I make lunch and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

This routine is the same after each nap, but instead of just breastfeeding her, she eats solids also. It goes like this: wake up, eat (bf, then solids), play time (inside and outside), then diaper change and nap.

I usually eat with her at the table. She has a feeding chair. I usually give her something cooked (oat porridge, steamed salmon and sweet potatoes, vegetable and chicken soup, avocado pasta…) and some veggies or fruits on the side (so that she can eat those independently). That way, I can help her put the food on the spoon, but while I eat, she can grab an avocado stick, a piece of banana or raspberry. She is quite independent already, but I scoop the food with the spoon for her.

Of course, what she plays with and what we do outside is different. Indoors, I just follow her lead. She chooses what she wants to play with from her shelf. Unfortunately, she can't tell me what she wants to do outside yet. When it’s nice outside, we love having picnics. We read and play on the blanket on the meadow. Occasionally, we go out with other mommies and babies or to play areas in malls.

Dad finishes work in time for our walk in the evening, then I feed her and he gives her a bath (or the other way around). He then says goodnight, and I stay with her, feed her and cuddle before she falls asleep.

After 19.30, my partner and I have some time to catch up on the latest John Oliver episodes, talk, play board games, and enjoy some quiet time – if I don’t fall asleep at 20.00!

If you want to read more about our bedtime routine, check this post.

What does your daily routine look like? I guess it’s much more difficult if you have more kids and different ages and interests to take into account.

* I made some posters for some of the songs that we’ve been singing, so she can also see what the songs are about. They are printed and laminated, but I’m considering reusing plastic pockets in the future, to avoid the waste. After her diaper change, she loves standing and looking at the posters. I explain what’s in the pictures and sing the song. I change these regularly, so she doesn’t get bored. Her favourite poster seems to be “Old MacDonald” – it has pictures of a cow, a dog, a cat, a horse, and a pig.

This poster is for the song "If You're Happy, Happy, Happy" (a simplified version of "If You're Happy and You Know It")

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