Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Our Favourite Toys at 5 Months

Since E. has started using her hands and exploring the environment more, things have changed a lot. Now she is able to play on her own (although she still likes having me just next to her) and is curious about everything. She loves putting everything in her mouth…and I mean everything: nappies, TP rolls, wooden spoons, and toys. She is constantly moving, licking objects, and looking around.

We bought a Pilates ball when she was just 2 months old, because she hated tummy time and we were looking into ways to make it more fun. But we didn’t get to use it until recently, because she disliked it. Now she has fun going forwards and backwards, left and right, or bouncing on it, while on her tummy. I sing to her while holding her, or just describe what she’s doing.

We also have some wonderful wooden toys that she enjoys playing with: the wooden rainbow wheel is my favourite, but to be honest she prefers the one on the right. It’s easier to grasp and shake. When we first got it, she didn’t have the motor skills or hand eye coordination to bring it slowly to her mouth, so we needed to be extra careful that she doesn’t bang her head with it. Phew...that’s over now.

She also likes the wooden car, because she can hold it in her hand well and lick it. I guess it will come in handy once she sits without support, because she can push it back and forth.

Ever since she was 2 months old, she has loved rattles and toys that make sounds. Here are two of her favourite toys. The one on the right is nice because she can hold it easily, but she loves sucking on the first one while on her tummy.
As I mentioned before (check out this other blog post about baby toys), scarves are great to have! They provide endless opportunities for play. Peek-a-boo is the perfect game to play with any baby. She now got to the stage where she takes the scarf and puts it in front of her, then takes it away and smiles.

We bought these cute animal socks and wrist rattles when she hadn’t discovered her feet yet. Now she doesn’t really need them anymore, but I still use them as hand puppets and the monkey always makes her smile.
Our montessori puzzle ball finally arrived. I was extremely enthusiastic about it, but E. isn’t a big fan. I hope she’ll change her mind later on, because it’s a great toy: the shape makes it easy for her to grab, it has the perfect size, and it stimulates both fine and gross motor development (she uses her fingers to pinch it, and her hands and feet to lift it).

We got an Oball (rattle ball) for the pram and it has kept her engaged on our walks. It’s easy to grasp and hold. She also likes playing with it while sitting, so it motivates her to do that.

Ever since she was 3 months old, E. loves the wooden drum. I used to sing songs and fool around with it, but now she can hold the stick and hit the drum (when she doesn’t chew on the end).
Blocks are always a great toy to have. These are soft, the colours are wonderful, and they are easy to manipulate. We use them to learn animals and fruit, but she also enjoys it when I build towers and she breaks them. These also have numbers, +, -, =, and shapes.

But somehow, I feel that toys are overrated. At this age they are curious about everything around them, so you can give your child almost anything (safety first!) to explore.

For tummy time I made this calming down bottle. I bought the small plastic bottle from H&M. Then, I left some gel beads to grow in water. I put those later in the bottle, then added a bit of water and some baby oil. I used a glue gun to secure the cap. When she is on her tummy in the evening, I place a flashlight behind the bottle, and she likes staring at it.
A TP roll can be fun too: you can talk through it, cover the other end, or look at your baby through it.

E. also loves parchment paper. It makes that loud noise, it’s big, but light enough for her to lift above her head.

Try to choose toys that your child will be able to use for many years to come, or toys that are versatile and good for open ended play.

If you are interested in where I got these toys, just leave a comment and I'll post the links.

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