Friday, 19 April 2019

Ice Cream Menu for Pretend Play

Here's a fun way to practice colors and numbers! Create an ice cream stand, where children can pretend to sell and buy ice cream.

This resource contains a menu that can be printed out and laminated for durability. The kids can then use dry-erase markers to circle the ice cream that they’d like to order. If you have a small table and a chair, you can improvise an ice cream stand.

As props, you can use:
  • a table/two tables
  • some chairs
  • small plastic cups (for the cones) 
  • homemade playdough (use food coloring for different flavors) (you can find the recipe here)
  • a spoon or scoopers 
  • red wooden beads or buttons (cherries) 
  • hama beads for sprinkles (keep a close eye on the kids when using these!) 
  • old ketchup bottle (syrup) 
  • any decorations the kids make (buntings, signs, paper money) 
  • a cash register
You can download the resource from my TPT store, Grumpy Dumpling, or by clicking on the picture:

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