Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Toys for Babies

Before having a baby, I had no clue what toys she would need during the first couple of months. The youngest kids I’ve taught are at least one. I have to admit that I got carried away and bought toys that she won’t even get to use until after she turns one, because I’m a sucker for wooden toys and I can’t help myself from buying them.

But after the first month and a half have passed, here’s a list of the toys that we have used and that she found interesting.

First of all, our mobile. It has saved our lives – before buying it, she needed us to entertain her CONSTANTLY. Now she can be in her bed just looking at the mobile for about 15 minutes. That way, I get to eat. I’m there with her, talking and imitating her coos, but it helps that she doesn’t want to be in my lap while I eat.

For peek-a-boo games and exploring sight and touch, a scarf will come in handy. E. is not a big fan, but I hope she will be more engaged as she grows.

I love reading and singing to her, so hand and finger puppets are great for that. She likes some of them, but she might grow more interested later on. We have quite a big collection of puppets from IKEA.

Soft toys are great for comfort. She also likes it when I touch her face or arm with them.
We haven’t had the chance to establish a bed time routine that includes reading yet, but I read to her whenever I have a free hand and she has the patience. I’ll write a blog post about our favourite books later on.

We also have two touchy feely books that she likes to look at: they’ve got mirrors, rattles, things that can be pulled, and squeezed, and teethers. They can be attached to the pram, so they might be useful later on.

I know it’s not a toy, but we have fun when I sing, talk, or look at her through the TP roll. Give it a try!

Wooden musical instruments are nice to have at any age. I use them to get her attention, but I’m sure she will like playing when she grows. LIDL has some nice wooden musical instruments, at least here in Finland.

We sometimes play with shadows with our light projector/white noise machine. It’s also useful at night, but if you don’t want to invest in one, you can use an app for white noise.

Our whale projects images of the sea and sea animals and has songs and white noise
E. prefers being carried or watching us, so she doesn’t enjoy the baby gym that much. I’m hoping that once she gets to use her hands, she will try to grab the toys and spend more time there. What she does look at is at the mirror that’s hanging from it. I haven’t found any developmental pillows in stock, but I think I will buy one soon. She enjoys being carried on her tummy, so she gets to lift her head quite a lot, but she hates tummy time on the blanket. She gets easily frustrated and starts crying. Maybe one of these will help:

I love our Little Dutch play mat, but E. prefers brighter colours

You’ll need a couple of toys for your stroller, to keep your baby entertained during walks or while you are running errands.

E. is crazy about bath time, so I’m going to buy some bath toys and squirtees as soon as she can be in the tub for a longer time. The only drawback is that she always cries when I take her out and then it’s difficult to calm her down.

You can use a rattle from the first weeks. They help babies improve their eye muscles, while following them from left to right. We have a few that make different sounds. Babies might prefer those with bright colours and loud noises.

If you have any other toys that your babies enjoyed playing with, let me know so we can try them too!

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