Thursday, 22 November 2018

How to Make an Advent Calendar for Kids

I usually make an advent calendar in December, because it’s a wonderful way for kids to keep track of how many days there are until Christmas and also it’s a fun way to practice number recognition: I print some fun activities that the kids enjoy doing, then place them in small envelopes. I use clothes pegs with numbers to hang them throughout the room. The kids have to find the numbers that indicate the current date, open the envelope, and read what it says. We open the calendar during morning circle, to ensure we have enough time for the activities.

Here are a few examples of activities:
  • read your favorite book related to winter or Christmas
  • watch a Christmas movie
  • sing the song you have prepared for the Christmas party
  • make a Christmas tree from Lego blocks
  • draw a Christmas tree
  • draw a snowman
  • pretend you are skating to music
  • watch some videos of Christmas songs
  • listen to Christmas songs during lunch
  • listen to a Christmas story from British Council Kids
  • sing your favorite song
  • sing "I'm a little snowman" from super simple learning
  • take a photo of the group
  • listen to a Christmas story from British Council Kids
  • make Christmas cards
  • do puzzles with friends
  • write a letter to Santa
  • tomorrow you can bring your soft toy to daycare
  • enjoy playing with your friends
  •  enjoy a delicious surprise from your teacher
  • gym session - kids' choice
  • have a movie party!
What activities would you add?

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