Monday, 2 April 2018

Fun Easter Activities

Hi! It's been a while, but I hope these activities will make up for that. The kids had a wonderful time getting ready for Easter: they painted eggs, planted grass, and made cute chick and bunny crafts.

The kids all wanted to make these chick crafts, even though we had some other ideas to choose from. We used paper plates for the eggs and crepe paper to decorate them. The older kids also cut the chicks.

Planting grass seeds was also a success. We had a large trash bag on the table, to make sure the cleaning will be easy and quick. The kids followed the instructions and did everything on their own. We used decorated milk cartons to plant the seeds in.

K. also taught the kids how to dye eggs with shaving cream and food colouring. It's so easy and fun (+ it smelled goooood). We had small plastic trays for each kid, then they sprayed shaving foam, dripped some food colouring, then rolled their boiled egg through it. 

Let me know which of the activities is your favourite. Mine was definitely the egg dyeing.

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