Monday, 12 February 2018

Morning Circle Routine and a Freebie

Can you believe it’s already February?! I started working at a new kindergarten and with all the new things happening I lost track of time. I’m excited to share with you some photos of our morning circle area and a new freebie I have in my store.

I have a mixed group at the moment: only seven children, but with different language skills, ages, and interests. I’m trying to find fun things to do for our morning routines. So far, songs, dances, and movement games seem to maintain all of them engaged.

We have already learned a couple of songs that we sing often during morning circle:
The next step is to make a song bag with all these songs. If you want to learn how to make that, click on the photo.

Apart from these, the kids loved playing the Mystery Box. I finally got a cute box that we can use for the game. Before we used a textile bag from IKEA.

I’m also planning on introducing “Question of the Day”. For those who don’t speak English, I will print the flashcards out, while with the others I will have additional questions.

If you want to get more ideas for morning circle, read these blog posts:
Oh, almost forgot. Here’s the freebie that I promised.

There are other resources in my TPT store that could be useful when planning your morning routine with the kids.

Have a wonderful week!


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