Monday, 4 December 2017


Winter is here: it's cold, dark, and wet outside. We're still waiting for snow here in Helsinki, can you believe that?! The kids keep complaining about going outside, so we had to find other activities to do indoors in the morning. We still go to the park every afternoon.

We set up a hot cocoa stand. It's great for kids who are learning English, because they get to practice asking for what they want politely. They get to use money, work on counting and subtraction, and review food vocabulary.

You just need a small table and a chair. Print the posters and use them when you take the kids' order. They need to ask for what they want: marshmallows, vanilla sauce, chocolate chips, etc. We also used a cash register, plastic coins, some empty containers, paper cups, spoons, and packing peanuts.

Click on the image to download this flash freebie. But hurry up! It's only going to be free for a week!

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