Monday, 30 October 2017

A Halloween Adventure!

The children are so excited about Halloween that we had to organize lots of other themed activities until our party this Wednesday. It’s all they have been thinking about since October started: monsters, ghosts, pumpkins, and scary costumes!

Apart from a couple of crafts, coloring pages, and science projects with pumpkins and ghosts, my colleague prepared this creepy Halloween hunt in the basement of our daycare. It turned out amazing and most of the children were eager to go to the cellar and explore the place. I could barely wait for my turn to go in!

The story started last month, when the kids names our soft toy (a tiny badger) “baby Miru”. They made him (the kids decided it’s a boy) a bed to sleep in, fed it, and took care of it. But one morning, baby Miru disappeared. We suspected it went in the cellar, because the door was open – and it never is. Because it’s dark in there, we took flashlights, but there were also some candles, so it wasn’t pitch dark. The kids found the first red note on the ground. It said: “Follow the spiders”. Apart from spider decorations, there was also fake spider web, and different objects that Miru had left behind (baby bottle, toys that he liked, etc.), along with some clues on red notes.

Baby Miru after he was found

In small groups (4-5 kids and two teachers at a time), they went looking for clues and finally found baby Miru. He had been playing in there with his twin sister, but then he fell asleep in one of the corridors, in his tiny basket. He was probably too tired!

The kids who were a bit scared wanted to go in with the lights on, and that was, of course, fine. It was such an amazing adventure, that they couldn’t wait to tell their parents in the afternoon.

Nea, my colleague, decorated the cellar with fake spider web, spiders, candles, and toys

One child from every group could read the clues found by the others

Spooky, isn't it?
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