Monday, 28 August 2017

A Helpful Class Management Trick – The Noise Meter

There are certain times when kids should use a calm voice, in order to be able to let others concentrate on activities. Sometimes we divide the group into two smaller groups and while half of them are playing freely, the others might have a teacher-led activity. And if you are a kindergarten or primary school teacher, you probably know that telling the kids not to talk too loud every five minutes doesn’t really work.

That’s why I have created this noise meter. We use bunny voices while eating, bear voices outdoors (and sometimes at the gym), bird voices during playtime, and fish voices when we take a nap. Before an activity starts, the teacher’s helper can place the clothes peg on the corresponding picture.

You just need to print and laminate the resource, then use a clothespin or a laminated arrow to indicate the noise level the kids should use.

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