Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A Fun Musical Vocabulary Game from Super Simple Learning

I know I haven't mentioned Super Simple Songs in a very long time, but I assure you it's not because I've forgotten about them. As I've said before, they are lifesavers!

The first couple of weeks at kindergarten can be hectic and well, let's face it, a bit crazy. The good thing is that they are so busy that time seems to fly by. But what helps our kids remember the transitions and get used to the new routines are the Super Simple Songs. Everything we do is accompanied by a song (my colleague Nea is not a fan, but she's great for tolerating me): cleaning up, lining up, making a circle before starting our morning routine, going back from the park to the kindergarten, etc..

And now I want to share with you something that we've played for the very first time as a musical game: "What's Inside the Mystery Bag?". It's the game proposed by Super Simple, but a bit simplified. We have children who don't speak a word of English right now, so we are starting with basic vocabulary.

What I do is take some toys (puzzle piece, ball, wooden monkey, plastic bird, dice, block, plastic food) and put them in a basket (the kids shouldn't see the basket after the game has started). When explaining the rules of the game, I name all objects. Then, the kids shut their eyes while I take an object from the basket and place it in the bag. We sing this song (replacing the word box with bag) and then the kids take turns guessing what's inside. If they have no idea, they are given easy clues. With older kids who understand English and have been in our group for a longer time, we played the same game but with wooden letters and shapes.

I don't know why or how, but whenever we have the morning circle and two-three kids arrive crying, they stop immediately and join us when we play the game.

Here's why this is such a great game:
  • it keeps kids entertained;
  • it is easy to prepare and explain;
  • it's a game that kids are able to play without an adult after 2-3 times;
  • you can choose any objects, so it can focus on vocabulary related to your themes;
  • it's easy to adapt it and find a suitable version for your kids;
  • it can be played in large groups too, because all kids enjoy singing the song;
  • kids practice taking turns and waiting;
  • kids are very eager to come to the front and try to guess. 

For more ideas on how to play this game, check the Super Simple Learning website

Have a sunny week!

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