Saturday, 22 July 2017

How We Celebrate Kids' Birthdays at Kindergarten

If you have kids in your life, your own, your friends’, or at work, then you know how important their birthdays are for them. At least two months before their parties, all they talk about is that. If they feel that another kid has done something wrong, the threat is that “you won’t be invited to my party anymore”. It’s crazy! That’s why it’s important to talk to the children about hurt feelings and try to keep the craziness down at least until a day or two before the event.

Sometimes parents go overboard when it comes to planning parties for their kids, but we try to celebrate all kids in the same way, so nobody feels neglected or unappreciated. Parents/Caregivers are the ones who bring some treats, but it’s usually something symbolic: oat cookies, popcorn, ice cream, etc. They are not allowed to bring anything home-made, because some kids might have allergies. And we have this rule that we don’t serve chocolate or very sweet treats.

We always give them the treats after snack (in the afternoon, right before going to the park), so even if they eat a bit of sugar, they get to go running in the park and burn the energy right away.

We sing happy birthday in both Finnish and English, then the birthday kid blows out the candles on our fake care and makes a wish. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the cake before I left work, but I am planning on making a new cake soon.

This is our new cake. Now we have one candle, but after singing Happy Birthday, we shout "Hip-hip-hooray!" as many times as the age that the kid is turning.

Thanks to Nea, my awesome colleague, for making this cute cake :)

After that, she receives the cards made by the teachers and the other children throughout the day. We have a standard card that we make for everyone, but we attach other drawings and stickers to it.

If there’s time left, the Disco Lizard moves forward (if the kids had a wonderful day) and we all dance to “I Like to Move It”.

That’s about it. How do you celebrate birthdays at kindergarten?

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