Tuesday, 20 June 2017

What Can You Do With Flowers, Leaves, and Spray Bottles?

I know that some of you have already started your summer holidays, but I have almost two weeks to go. I can't complain, because it has been an amazing year with a fun bunch of kids and a great teacher partner!

We've been spending most of our days outdoors: doing art and crafts, performing on improvised stages, climbing, sliding, and playing games.Here's what we did not long ago: we took the spray bottles with us to the bay (with paint and water in them) and some watercolour paper. We gathered some flowers, leaves, sticks, and stones from the park, then placed them onto the paper and sprayed colour over them. The kids enjoyed trying to aim at the paper from far away. This activity is wonderful because it can be easily done outdoors or indoors, it doesn't require too many supplies, it develops hand-eye coordination and finger muscles.

If done indoors, you can find plastic or wooden animals/toys to place on the paper. If you are learning shapes, you could use some plastic shapes to paint over. Any other ideas? :)

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