Monday, 19 June 2017

Double Doodle and Its Benefits

Using both hands at the same time has been shown to be truly beneficial for us, because:
  • it stimulates both hemispheres of the brain;
  • it creates new connections in the brain;
  • people who use both hands see an increase in the size of their corpus callosum - the part that connects the two brain hemispheres.
Using both hands regularly facilitates the transfer between the two hemispheres. Training our brains with this easy drawing technique will help come up with new ideas and interesting perspectives that could be linked to any field. That’s why this is a good activity to do with your kids anytime you want to connect with them and do something relaxing.

Our kids had some great drawing ideas and didn’t need any help. Some of them drew for almost half an hour, even though some were playing in the room.

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