Thursday, 26 January 2017

Vocabulary Game with Shaving Foam

Shaving foam is quite a cheap product that you can use with children for a wide variety of activities. They can explore it using their senses: it smells great, it is puffy and cold, and it looks like soft snow.

Here’s a game that you can play with English learners to review animals and verbs. It is great to play after you have taught the children the song “Yes, I Can”, from Super Simple Learning.

Place some plastic animals (the ones in the song) in a large container, then cover them with foam and a little food colouring (optional, but it will make everything look nicer). The children will then take turns in finding an animal in the foam, guessing what it is, and then making a sentence about it. For example, “The gorilla can’t fly.”

My children absolutely loved playing with their hands in the foam. They had their arms elbow deep in it. The only problem was convincing them to let the next kids take their turns.

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