Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Games with Yes/No Sticks


These yes and no sticks are easy to use, fun, and versatile. They go great with lots of vocabulary games. So if you want to teach vocabulary to very young learners, hop on over to the Super Simple Learning free flashcards, download the flashcards that you need, then make some yes and no sticks and just follow the game instructions.

Here are a couple of game ideas to play with the sticks:

• Show one flashcard at a time, then say a word (either name the picture on the flashcard, or say another word). The kids have to put a YES or NO sign up, to indicate if it’s false or true. If you have more advanced learners, you can make sentences about the flashcards. For example “This ballerina has a brown dress”. The children can also take turns making a sentence or saying a word. This game is great, because you can use it to review vocabulary related to any of your themes.

• The teacher or one of the children hides a flashcard and the others need to find it. In order to do so, they need to ask you questions using prepositions: “Is it under the table?”, “Is it under the chair?”. They will get YES and NO answers from the one who hid it.

• You can ask the children to deduce what will happen and make predictions about science experiments. For example, if checking if an object will fall faster than another, or float, rather than sink. It is much easier to check their answers at the same time, than asking them individually. After that, you can also elicit arguments for their answers.

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