Friday, 13 January 2017

Five For Friday - Our Group's Routines

I’m very happy to join my friends from doodlebugsteaching again for the Five for Friday Linky Party. This is a weekly teacher linky party where we post five random things from the past week. Here's my week.

I had to stay at home on Tuesday and Wednesday because I got sick. I rarely get sick nowadays, because I’ve been teaching for over six years now. My immune system should be able to fight any flu, but it seems that this time it got to me.

But let’s talk about more pleasant things that happened this week:

Our winter holiday ended last week, but we knew we won’t have the whole group back. So we had a slow start, but we had a chance to introduce our new duck pond. Our daycare is called Ankkalampi/ Duckies, so most of our decorations are related to ducks. We painted this pond on the wall and we made ducks with the kids’ names and photos on them. When they arrive in the morning, they can take their photo and stick it on one of the small velcro patches on the water. That way, we can see who is there and how many children are in every group.

We have also introduced a new reward system. It’s called Disco Lisko (Finnish) – The Disco Lizard. We have numbers 1-15 on the wall (because we have 15 kids in the group), and the lizard moves 1 step forward when the children (the whole group) behave nicely. When the lizard reaches 15, we will have a disco party. It’s a way to encourage children to work as a group, collaborate, and help one another.
On Thursday we wrote secret messages. In order to do this, you just need some water, baking soda, paper, and a candle. The kids were very excited to check out what the others wrote/drew.

I ordered some new books that I’m excited about: a couple by Dr. Seuss and What Makes it Rain? By Katie Daynes. I can’t wait to get them!

Being sick in bed gave me some time to work on new resources and blog posts, so it wasn’t all bad. I have added some freebies, so check Grumpy Dumpling on TPT and the blog. I also want to let you know that this weekend everything in my TPT store will be -10%.

Have an amazing weekend!


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