Sunday, 2 October 2016

How to Make a Song Bag for Endless Hours of Fun

I love songs, and most of my kids do too. We learn lots of new songs every month, because they are a great way to practice English vocabulary in an engaging and fun way. Songs play a very important part in our daily routines, too: we use them when lining up, when taking a trip, when cleaning up, and of course, during morning circle.

But sometimes it’s difficult to remember all songs that we have learned. That’s why I created this song bag.

I took screen shots of the Super Simple Learning videos that we know (because most of the songs we know are theirs). Then I created flashcards with these images, by adding some text and cute frames. I printed and laminated the flashcards, then gathered them in a textile bag. Now when we are in the mood to sing some songs, we take the Song Bag out. The kids take turns in choosing songs with their eyes shut. It’s a great activity for when you have some time on your hands, or just want to review vocabulary.

You can use the song box for other activities. Our favourite one is "Guess the Song!" - a kid chooses a flashcards and hums the song, and the other kids try to guess the song. Another game that you can play is "Continue Singing" - a child chooses a flashcard, starts singing the song, then the next kid has to continue from where the previous one stopped.

Let me know if you have other ideas for the Song Bag. I'd be happy to read your comments! :)

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