Sunday, 9 October 2016

Giveaway Time! - Fruit and Vegetable Patterns

A few years ago I couldn’t comprehend why some people talk so much about the weather and how it affects their lives. Sure, when it was sunny I used spend more time outdoors, biking or hiking, and during winter I played board games, went to cafes, and played indoor sports. But the weather didn’t affect me that much, to the extent that I didn’t go out at all.

That has changed since I moved to Finland. Now my whole life revolves around the sun/lack of sun. The fact that half a year I am deprived of sunlight makes me sad (this is to avoid the word depressed). But I’ve been trying to be active, to go climbing, out with friends, play board games, and of course, to create more resources. I hope these will keep me busy. But enough complaining, life has its perks when you live in a Nordic country!

Sorry about this long ramble…let’s talk about the giveaway now! :)

Here’s a small resource with games to teach fruit and vegetables to non-native English speakers. It contains large flashcards with text (uppercase letters, but I can make one with lowercase letters on request), and small flashcards for making patterns. You can enter this giveaway by leaving a comment on this: anything from game ideas, to suggestions or feedback. The first 5 people to leave a comment will receive the resource. Hurry up!

Here are some suggestions of games you can play with them:
  • Guess Who You Are” – The children are seated in a circle. A child comes to the centre of the circle and shuts her eyes. The teacher (or another child) puts one of the large flashcards behind the child’s back. The kid will then try to guess what fruit or vegetable it is (we also used some hints – size, colour).
  • Matching Game – Write the words on different cards, then match the fruit/vegetable with its name.
  • Which One Did I Hide?” – Place all flashcards on the floor, so that all children can see. Name each, then tell the children to shut their eyes. Take one of them away, then tell the kids to open their eyes again and try to guess what you took away. After a couple of times, the kids can play this game by themselves, especially if they know the words well.
  • Word hunt - When the kids know the words quite well, hide the flashcards throughout the room. When a child finds a flashcard, he has to bring it to you and say the word that the image represents.
  • Word Twister – place the flashcards on the floor, then give instructions to one kid at a time. For example: “Foot on carrot”, “Hand on tomato” (use right/left with more advanced kids). This game is best played in small groups.
  • Memory game with the small flashcards – use card pouches with a non-transparent back (you can buy them from any board game store), so the back of the flashcards is not visible. Take turns in choosing 2 cards at a time. If they’re a pair, you can keep them. If not, place them back to their initial place. Take 2 cards from each food item.

Have a sunny week!


  1. This looks wonderful. My email is

    1. Thanks for the comment. I sent the resource via email. :)

  2. Kasia from Poland sent me this cool game idea by email: The game is called "The tower game" and it's from You will need a set of paper cups and a set of flashcards.The teacher starts by placing a cup on the table. Students take turns to pick flashcards and if they answer correctly the question: "What's this?", "What do you see?" etc., they can place the flashcard on the cup.Then, the teacher puts another cup on top of that flashcard and so on, until you run out of flashcards, or the tower falls over. It's also a great team building activity as the whole group works together to build a very high tower.
    Can't wait to try it with the kids! :)