Friday, 26 August 2016

Five for Friday Linky Party - Ducky and the Gang

Check out what the other teachers did this week by clicking on the image below.

This has been an amazing week! The weather was great (most of the time) and the kids and I had lots of fun!

On Monday after work my boyfriend and I took a walk to a nearby island to see the sunset. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city! 

We also went biking through the forest and it was great! Sunny, not too cold…just perfect.

This week, my colleague has started writing in our Class Journal, and now I’ve got Ducky for the weekend. The idea is simple: the kids can take Ducky home for a week (from Monday to Monday), play with it, take walks, take it swimming (hopefully not in the sea), etc. and then write/draw about it in the journal.
The two of us will be the first to write in it, so they have a couple of examples of activities. Today Ducky helped me draw.

The penguin was out class mascot a couple of years ago. I miss Pingu!

I have been working on some Halloween mazes that can be used with dry-erase markers - and I’m almost done. I’ll upload the product to TPT this weekend.

Friday I enjoyed playing with the children. The girls did my hair and it didn’t look half bad. It got ruined by the time I took the photo. :)

How was your week?
Have a sunny weekend!


  1. I like the ducky journal! I was considering doing something similar! Your bike ride in the forest sounds beautiful.
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    2. I hope that the kids and the parents will like the journal. Some parents might be upset that they have to take that huge duck home, but it might motivate them to do something fun with the kids. Today Ducky went biking through the forest. :)