Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Grab It While It's Free! - Bathroom Rules Posters and Flashcards

I have less than a week before the new school year starts – yikes! I have so much work left. But I can’t wait to start…I have planned so many activities and thought of so many things I want to try with the kids, that I’m sure we’ll have a blast.

To celebrate the last week of holiday, here’s a flash freebie I created for our bathroom. We all know how kids pretend to forget to wash their hands or flush. Here are some posters to remind them about the basic rules.

I plan on using the small flashcards for morning circle, to talk about bathroom routines, then the larger ones and the posters I will stick on the objects in the bathroom.

I hope they’ll prove useful with your children. If you have any suggestions, please comment on this post.

Have an amazing school year!

Click on the image to download the resource :)


  1. I had some of this file and it included a book which I laminated and put into a binder. I have a washing hands poster from someone else, too.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I hope this printable was useful! :)