Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Game My Kids Are Crazy About

I’ve seen this game played a bit differently, but I modified it so it works well for English learners. My kids are now practicing basic words in English and I’ve been looking for fun ways to keep them engaged.

The cool part about the game is that you can use different vocabulary every time, but the rules stay the same. Today we used five animal flashcards with images and text. First, we placed them on the floor and the kids shut their eyes, then opened them and had to guess which flashcard I had taken away. Then, after the children knew all the words, we started preparing the game.

We placed a chair in the middle of the semicircle (hemicycle), then the first child took a seat. I placed a card behind his head (but still visible to the others), then gave her clues about the animal on the flashcard. Most of them guessed, but some of them needed some help and extra clues. The most advanced could give clues, as well.

This game is very useful for those who need to work on their listening skills. Just give clear clues, and try to use the vocabulary they have already learnt. If you want to play the same game, you can download these cute animal flashcards by clicking the photo below.

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