Monday, 27 June 2016

A Fun Game to Practise Food Vocabulary

"Do You like Broccoli Ice Cream” from Super Simple Songs is one of my kids’ favorite songs. They love singing about nutty food combinations or come up with their own.

When we were learning food vocabulary for this song we played a game the children loved! It goes like this:

  • First, print the song flashcards from the Super Simple Learning website, then cut them out and laminate them for durability.
  • Have the children sit in a semicircle, then place a chair in the middle
  • Present the flashcards and listen to the song
  • Name the first child who will take the seat
  • Hold one of the flashcards at his back (behind her head, so the others can still see it), then say “You like…” and give the child clues so she can guess what that food is. The more advanced children can do that too.
  • Take broccoli for example. You can say “You like something green and fresh, that you can also eat raw”. While giving the clues, you should use simple explanations and words that the children understand.
  • Then take turns guessing.
I hope you enjoy the game!  

Check out this amazing video from Super Simple Learning

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