Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Funky Binoculars

Summer is the perfect season to explore nature, go out for picnics and long walks through the forest. Here’s something you can make on a rainy day, but then get to use outside: binoculars!

We got a lot of silky self-adhesive paper from a parent, so we decided to use it for this, but you may also use TP rolls.

Here are the steps if you are using self-adhesive paper:
  • Cut 2 rectangles for each child; 
  • Remove 1 cm of the white paper that’s covering the back of the sticker and cut it; 
  • Make cylinders by rolling the paper so it sticks to that part; 
  • Use a stapler to staple the two cylinders together; 
  • Attach a string to the binoculars, so children can wear them around their neck; 
  • Let kids decorate their crafts with glitter, stickers, sequins…
We also learned the song “Walking in the Jungle” (from Super Simple Songs) and used our binoculars to act it out.

When you go to the forest, you can have a nature walk and see who spots different plants or animals first. The kids will have a blast!
What else would you use the binoculars for?

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