Thursday, 1 March 2018

Yoga for Children - with a Free Printable

Hi! I hope you are enjoying a sunny day, wherever you are! Here in Copenhagen it’s nice, warm, and sunny. If, however, the weather where you live is not that nice, I have something to brighten up your day - it’s a freebie!

I’ve been looking for yoga resources for kids and I have reached the conclusion that it’s better to create my own. Something easy to use, even with beginners. So I made this yoga bag with flashcards.

Why yoga?
Yoga helps children develop their gross motor skills, while also enjoying themselves. It’s an activity that children can do to lighten up, rewind, or calm down.

Yoga can be done through stories, music, with puppets, and games – so it’s fun!

It helps kids learn to respect nature, themselves, and others. Yoga also promotes mindfulness, creativity, and confidence.

Some suggestions for doing yoga with children:
  • choose the timing properly – not after lunch, or on a full stomach;
  • think of what mood you want to get the kids in: you can do morning yoga, to get a boost of energy, or before going to bed, to calm them down and get them in a sleepy mood;
  • if you have a garden or a park nearby, take the yoga lesson outside, to enjoy the green grass and fresh air;
  • find a place large enough so that kids will have plenty of space to move freely;
  • children can perform yoga with bare feet, but for hygiene purposes, they should use slippers
  • establish certain rules for the yoga class: no eating, use the bathroom before class, wear comfortable clothing, enjoy yourself, while also allowing others to do the same, etc.
Now here’s the freebie I promised. You can download it for free by clicking on the image below. Enjoy!


  1. the best free yoga printable I have seen. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and downloading the resource. :)

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