Monday, 4 April 2016

The Opposite Mirror Game

Here’s another game that you can play if you have a magnetic wand and counters. It’s called The Opposite Mirror Game. Two kids can play this game at a time, so it is more suitable for smaller groups.
Number of players: 2 at a time
What you'll need: opposites - 2 piece puzzles (or any opposite word flashcards), magnetic wand and counters.
First of all, you will need to print out the opposite flashcards. You can use your own, of course. Then laminate them for durability. Place them on the floor, in two different areas. Separate the areas with some yarn, to make it more visible. In one area, you will have some adjectives/verbs, and in the other their counterparts (for example, ugly in one area, then beautiful in the other). Place magnetic counters on all flashcards. One of the children will say a word from his area (let’s say fast), and the other has to take the counter from its opposite (slow) with the magnetic wand. Then they switch roles.

I guarantee they’ll have fun!

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