Monday, 14 March 2016

What is Typing Study? - A Guest Blog Post from Annija

I’m happy to have Annija from Typing Study guest posting on Grumpy Dumpling today. But first, here’s a little bit about her and her background.

Annija is an education enthusiast from Latvia, Europe. She has a Master's degree (with honours) in Business Administration and she is deeply interested particularly in innovative approaches in education. Annija is the author of the touch typing tutor and her aim is to make touch typing lessons available for free in every single place in the world. She believes that making the world better is in the hands of each and every one of us, thus - why not do it?

And now, here are some things about her touch typing resource for children and adults alike:

In the era of technologies, it’s all about the speed. Do we like it? Oh, well, we probably don’t, but we most probably have to try to adjust it if we are planning to fit the needs and the requirements of society. Besides, did you ever realize that almost all text your child will write during his or her life will be done on a keyboard?

One small part of being fast is very topical in our everyday life. So topical that it is what I’m doing right now - typing! When we look around our workplaces, we most probably see people who are well prepared to work with computers, but there is a great amount of people who are not. Maybe it is our grandmother, who wants to be up-to-date, maybe it is a friend who has never had the necessity to work fast with a computer, and maybe it is a kid who wants to learn to type correctly and efficiently.

Thanks to some enthusiasts, there are many great free resources, which can help people to improve their skills.

One of the tools is, which is available for both home learning and learning at school (there is „School” section on the left side).
  • Typing Study is a simple, free web-based tool for learning to type. It has a great daily demand from users all over the world; mostly library users and scholars. 
  • Typing Study contains 15 well prepared and carefully designed lessons, a speed test and games from which one can learn to type step-by-step, monitor his or her own progress and have fun.
  • There is no need to leave the house; with this typing tutor children can learn from home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 
  • It is translated into 24 languages.  
  • It supports QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY and even DVORAK keyboard layouts.
  • It is developing each day and soon will be available in many more languages as well. There are a lot more other free resources who offer similar service. However, simplicity and great functionality win over among all the resources.
If you have any questions about Typing Study, feel free to leave a comment and I'll redirect it to Annija.

Did this article spur your interest? If so, click on the image below to go to TypingStudy and start having fun!

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