Friday, 25 March 2016

Magnetic Wand Number Game

I bought a bingo magnetic wand with chips a week ago. From the moment I saw them in the store I knew I had to have them! I enjoy playing with magnets, so I’m sure that the kids will also. I bought them from a bookstore here in Copenhagen, but you can find them on Amazon for under 10$.

This is the first idea I thought of when I looked at them. I had a couple of flashcards with numbers that I printed and laminated (They’re free from Life Over C’s). You can use your own, or course.

I placed the cards one next to the other, on the table. Then, I added a counter on each card. One of the children or an adult calls out a number, then the child with the wand has to pick up the counters from the cards with that number.

The great thing about such an easy game is that children can play it with no help from adults. And I bet they’ll enjoy playing with the magnetic wand.

Have fun!

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