Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Season Jars

We reviewed basic things about the four seasons with this fun project. Over a couple of days, the kids made a jar for every season.

As you can see in the photos, they decorated the lids with colored glitter: silver for winter, yellow for summer, green for spring, gold and orange for autumn. They put some objects that remind them of each season. Here are a couple of ideas:
  • for spring: small plastic birds, flowers (made with a hole punch), grass (from green construction paper), green leaves and rain drops (hole punch), small eggs (Easter)
  • for summer: sun, ice cream dough, waves (blue crepe paper), shells, sand from the beach, etc.
  • for autumn: leaves (all colors), a small umbrella (from construction paper), raincoat, pumpkin seeds (Halloween).
  • for winter: decorative hearts (Valentine’s Day), snowflakes (from white crepe paper or polystirene), fir tree, small baubles or tree decorations, small twig (bare trees) etc.
Thanks to Valma for making these with the kids :)

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