Thursday, 22 October 2015

Halloween Activities

Halloween is a holiday that most of the kids enjoy, because it has everything from spiders, skeletons, witches, princesses to candy and nice songs. Here are some art and craft activities that you can make with kids on Halloween.

These paintings were made with stamps. One of my colleagues, W., made the stamps using erasers and a cutter. They look great, don't they? :)

 These funny looking spiders are a hit with 2-4 year-olds!

A very dear friend of mine keeps giving me things that she thinks I might use with the kids. A couple of months ago I got a very big donation of toys, napkins, funny erasers, markers, stamps, notebooks and other things. Among these, I found some orange napkins, with spiders and we used them to make ghosts for Halloween.

Just make a small ball out of toilet paper; it will be the head of the ghost. Then place it in the middle of the napkin and cover it. Use the rubber band to tie the head of the ghost.

 Happy Halloween!

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