Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Teaching Animals to Speakers of Other Languages

There’s something captivating about animals – whether we are singing songs, playing games, reading stories, doing science experiments, having P.E., if an activity is related to animals the kids will love it.

This week we started learning basic animals with our youngest children. Most of them hadn’t heard English before coming to kindergarten, and this is only the second week. We read the story “What’s That Noise” from British Council Kids and the kids really liked it. It’s easy to understand and it gets them engaged. Then we practiced the vocabulary by playing some games: mime, “Which One Did I Hide?”, “What’s That Noise?”, “Jump On It!”, and some others.

Here are some free printable flashcards you can download to help teach the animals in the story. In the same file you’ll find the game instructions for two f the games I mentioned. Enjoy! :)


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