Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fun with Squishy Bags

I’ve had one of those days when I came home from work and I was in the mood to experiment. I checked my crafts supplies and found a couple of zip lock bags. Then I remembered I had planned to make squishy bags before the summer holiday, but never had the time. I wanted to try it at home first, then with the kids.

The first recipe I made was with a cup of flour, 80 - 100 ml water, and some food colouring. Unfortunately, it became too sticky and didn’t work that well. So I decided to take it to work tomorrow, so the kids can play a little with the sticky blue dough. An ice-cream shop pretend play doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. :)

Then I remembered that I had some body cream that was about to expire. I mixed some of it with food colouring and voila! It’s that easy! I hope the kids will enjoy playing with the squishy bags tomorrow!

I’m sure going to use glue, hair gel, and shaving cream to make other squishy bags! What are your favourite ingredients?

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