Saturday, 1 August 2015

An Easy Estimation Game

This is an easy guessing game to play with kindergarteners. Just place a couple of beads (less than 10) in the bag. The children will then try to guess how many beads there are. The pupils take turns in touching the bag, and then they can estimate. Afterwards, take the beads out and count them together with the whole class. See who was right.

  • Some kids might get upset for not guessing the right number. Make sure you notice if their estimations get better. Tell them that it’s important to try to guess and just enjoy the game.
  • You can make a chart where you write down their guesses before counting the beads (for number recognition practice).
  •  If it gets too competitive, you can take one child at a time to try to guess, then count the beads and see if she was right.

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